part two, after new years eve

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i then continued to the information kiosk where i equiped myself with at least some map. i was told for camping to go tu uretiti beach. all other beaches were according to the ladies in the kiosk ‚not suitable for camping‘. from mangawhai i rode to some roundabout when a guy told me that uretiti is another 30 km from the place. i was horrified. it took me about 20 minutes to find a good place for camping. it was nearby the road. it was nearly 4pm and sun fried me like a horsedick sausage from the st. wenceslav square in prague. i had full load of water so the camping was essential. i camped there for two days.

it was nice place in the shade and i didn’t need anything more. then i continued towards the waipu and uretiti. it was quite hard to go up the steep hill behind mangawhai and i took me almost an hour to do so but there was beautiful downhill to waipu.. i took some pictures there and the waves were just like in the movies. splashing the sand in specific intervals. i spent a while there just looking at that miracle. then i continued to the city centre through the street where a lots of ‚no vacancy‘ places were offered. luckily i’ve found some motel for 70 dollars. when the boss came to the office i tried to discuss the price and after the time he offered me the price of 40 dollars per night with 5 extra dollars for the bicycle inside the room which was one of the thing i insisted on.

then i went to the 4 square shop and purchased all of the goods for sandwiches.

the next day i was prepared to drive to uretiti. after the reaching the final crossings with 1 highway i wasn’t happy with view of the speeding cars and quite heavy traffic. there were some signs where to go and also quite narrow street saying it goes to paparoa.

i was on the east coast but i knew paparoa is on the west coast. i pulled out the map and realised that if i take this road it will lead me through the inland to other coast. great. after approx. hour sealed route changed into the unsealed one and served me one of the biggest suffers from the steep hill. i nearl y died before getting up. there was a beautiful view and i took some pictures. after there was downhill nicely rolling down and i just arrived to the most wonderful place. there was some fresh water lake. i asked the first person on the four wheel drive. fortunately he was the owner of the land and told me that if i want i can stay there as long as i want. he escorted me to the lake and let me camp in the nearby forest. the water was drinkable so i enjoyed two days of relax, camping, practising with flowersticks and swimming in the lake. then there was huge kauri museum in matakohe so i stopped there for a while.

it took me 3 hours to go trough the museum. it was very amusing inside.

from there i was about to enter the paparoa within 1 day. so there i was. nearly there. after some hills i arrived into paparoa. i was quite tired and after some shopping i tried to find some place to camp. there was a sign of going another 14 km to the proper beach camp. i refused that idea as quickly as sign appeared. there was some lady in the car who quickly turned around her car and went directly to me with good advice. the camp was just behind the trees. i’ve made the smile number two thanked the woman and in the minute i was standing in the front of the office. the old guy who was in charge asked me for 10 dollars and after telling him my mission he smiled at me and gave me the keys from the caravan. i didn’t have to pitch the tent which was terrific. other two cyclist from germany didn’t had that luck when coming two hours after me and had to pitch their tent. i was quite lucky. after brief conversation with german cyclist i’ve been told that they are doing around 70 kilometres a day!! i was a sissy compared to them with over 30 kms that day. anyway they were sharing the equipment which was sweet. when i was searching for ppl interested into riding a bika i was unable to find anyone to share the experiences and load of bike with.

then i was on my way to dargaville. i stopped in ruawai, because it was nice and quiet little town with shops and some milkshakes :} i camped in the lodge for 12 dollars. i chatted with guy who owns the lodge and he offered me to drink the beer he brews from the granules you can buy in pack’n’save supermarket.

it was my first feeling of having a lager beer in my mouth. everything else is rubbish. they’ve invented continuosly brewing beer proccess in new zealnd, which makes most of the beers undrinkable. i wouldn’t flush a toilet with them.

i started the next morning. my tent was in the shade of the trees of a garden so i could sleep until 9 am. at 10 i was ready and continued to to reach dargaville town. it was pleasant and boring ride. mainly flat land with lots of kumara {sweet potatoes} plantages. it was really boring so much that i started counting roadkills of possums. often i was really pleased to see lots of it’s guts decorating higher grass around the road. it was like bloody christmas trees. lol. i stopped few times to put a new layer of sun block on my uncovered parts of body. most of the time i looked slimy like paroubek’s face after interview. i arrive into dargaville really late. i quickly went to bank to charge my nz bank account. it was 10 minutes before 5 i’ve done it. then they closed. camp was okay. i took a shower there, nice sleep and the next day, i was about to enter the hardcore zone with steepest hills on my way to cape.

i went also to visit the kai iwi lakes on my way. it was so wonderful that it’s actually very hard to describe it. sorry.

i camped just on the beginning of the hill, in traunson kauri park in kaihu village.

the next day i continued to climb above the waipoua forest. it was tough. all the way up for more then 3 hours. i drank most of my water. i was horified. if it will be like this for longer period of time, i will be without a drop at the end of the day…

fortunately after another hour i reached the top and start riding massive downhill which lasted for nearly 18 minutes!!! down there there was another 4 kms into the heart of ancient kauri forest with some of the trees over 1000 years old. i refused an offer to go for a walk and then sleep in chalet, which were runned by department of conservation office. i had to climb from few meters above sea to more than 400 meters to get my ass out of the forest. it took me 30 minutes to climb to approx. quarter of the hill when i realised that i don’t have my fireshow twirling things. i haven’t packed my things properly and they had to fall down on a gravel road to the heart of the forest. i was down in 8 minutes and have found them laying on the rocks. then i had to go up again. this time i took me around 2 hours to finish the hill. it was meander ride. i was really exhausted when i reached the top. there was also quite annoying wind blowing and as i was sweat totally i decided to change long sleeved jackets. afterwards it turned as really nice idea. while riding downill i’ve took the photos of most massive kauri tree ‚tane mahuta‘

over 2000 years old. it was really huge and i can’t really describe how big the thrunk was. ultra huge. then there was parataiko range around me so i also took some photos.

then downhill lasted for nearly 13 minutes. down there i was really unable to do more kms that day so i asked some ppl in bed and breakfast in waimamaku village if i can pitch the tent on their garden.

they’ve probably seen me in worst light and agreed with no charge for it. i was really happy and told them so. then i pitched the tent, finished the canned beans and fell asleep. i slept 12 hours from then. 9pm to 9am 😀

then i travelled trough gently rolling farmland until the big and steepest hill on my way appeared. it was before opononi and omapere villages in hokianga harbour.

i took me ¾ of hour to get trough it. then there was actually very nice view of the harbour. i passed both towns and was heading to rawene with ferry going over the harbour.

i reached rawene very late. i’ve found the camp for 15 dollars per tent. the only camp in rawene. it was nice place. there was even the small swimming pool in the camp i quickly managed to visit. then i went to sleep a bit. there were lots of ppl leaving the camp in the morning and i could hear them everytime they made some noize when packing their things. that was really annoying i hated that place in the morning. at the end i met those cars and ppl on the ferry. i was really angry because haven’t had enough sleep. i also haven’t expected that this will be my 68 kilometers last section of my ride to cape. i went trough nice and according to number of houses not very populated part of zealand. then i met some guy on the bike as well, going other way from reinga to bluff. he stopped at my place because i was having a nap and he was afraid i have some troubles. after a brief chat we then continued our rides. i had a bit trouble of going up to 6km long hill called mangamuka summit with it’s 383 meters above sea level sign. from there it took me another 4 hours to get into kaitaia.

my journey ended in the backpackers lodge over more then 68 kms travelled that last day! i stayed for three days taking a trip to cape reinga by bus with other tourists. it was wonderful and we had a lots of fun listening to the very jovial bus driver although the sound of his laugh was like smokers‘ choke. i had a nice time and after meeting an indian guy in the backpackers, who told me about some work there, i signed in and decided to stay another week until the work started. i was told that it will be fun but then i realised i was cheated. the work was shit. i was thinning mandarines.

mostly 4 dollars per tree. it was disaster. 9 hours per day 6 days a week. it was so BORING. i almost died of being so much bored i wanted to quit. but i decided to finish that shit and succeded. i earned over 650 dollars in 6 days. but food and acommodation… at least i had some fun with the guys over there and we were nice group of cheerful ppl. we also had some bday party of carla – argentinian girl. i finished my bottle of red wine. it was rather poison or vinegar then wine, because it was 12 dollar bottle. the next day we booked bus with india guy.

i had to pay 10 more dollars for my bike and next day we went back to auckland. it was end of the trip.

Postřehy Zdeňka Nejedlého

V roce 1946 vydal Zdeněk Nejedlý spis Komunisté dědici velkých tradic českého národa, ve kterém prokázal, že nastolení komunistické diktatury bylo odvěkým snem českého lidu.
Dospěl v něm k pozoruhodným závěrům: Dnes by Hus byl hlavou politické strany a jeho tribunou by nebyla kazatelna, ale pražská Lucerna nebo Václavské náměstí. A jeho strana by by byla velmi blízko, o tom můžeme být přesvědčeni, nám komunistům.

twizel to wanaka (alternative final destination) :'(

the next morning was fucking freezing. all of the outside surfaces were covered with white frost and waiting for sun to thaw them. i managed to pick all of my things and tryied to wait outside until the sun starts shine properly. there were nearly no signs of it until it pulled itself from behind the roof. it was lovely to feel its power. we said goodbye to each other. girls went hitch hiking and colombian cyclist went to catch a bus to wanaka. it would be too easy to do it with a bus as he did. i wanted to make it from twizel to omarama take a bus over the lindis pass and cycle again from tarras. to be honest lindis pass is 33 kms up the hill all the time and it’s winter so ‚wake up‘ i would like to survive. ride to omarama was more then flat and straight. no clouds no wind. i made those 34 kms around until half past one. then i waited for about 20 minutes and took a bus to tarras for 22 dollars. it was worth it. i took one hour by bus to get over the lindis pass (974 meters at the highest point of the road). i don’t remember anything as i fell asleep immediately after i’ve got in. words of the driver to wake me up by shouting my name from the loudspeakers was the next thing i remembered. due to this i was able to make continue on my way to wanaka. tarras consists of a one school, caffeteria and a 4 square shop. 1km after this settlement road junction tells you to take the road right towards wanaka. 31 kms to final destination. it’s quite flat ride with few gentle hills and going down and up to clutha river. then there is about 1 km quite steep hill before entering wanaka plateau. there is war museum with tanks outside and some planes inside the building around airport. i’ve never seen any war museum being so high in the mountains then this. nez zealand’s army has to be really proud to have this thing over here. there are another 5 kms to wanaka mostly going down the hill. it was getting dark and i had to activate my lights. just before entering wanaka there starts cyclist route. i’ve met some fellow cyclist who’ve told me that my light batteries in the back of the bike are about to die and my visibility due to this fact is almost zero. i was really uncomfortable with this fact and quickly managed to join the cyclist route. when i’ve arrived to the city centre there wasn’t much to seen because it was completely dark. some yougsters told me to go to base backpackers. it was full with young ppl and i’ve asked for yha hostel just after reaching the reception. the lady manager was very professional and asked me what sort of price am i looking for. i’ve explained my situation with expensive internet there and she understood my problem very well. without much more to say i was given the map and navigated to my hostel. i’ve got on the first street left an asked at the reception of bbh backpackers. there was my friend colombian as well and two hitch hiking girls. he asked me what sort of machine i am that i made it here on the bike. i’ve happily explained my cheat with a bus but still those 67 kms done today. i’ve then signe in to the hostel and fell asleep in very very cold room. i was there. not having much money and that cold outside i decided to stay one more day and end up my mission here. i wanted to get back to chrischurch to get some work as guys in the room told me that there was no work back in queenstown and that they’ve made it here from there. well what could i have done about it? nothing. i had some contact of two czechs living aroun that place for some time. snowboarder girl and traveler with quite big car. after the meeting in his car we talked some general bullshit and went to do some fireshow on the beach. there was exact time for it and we then headed to have a jug of ugly beer. in shooters bar or something like that.

the next thing was to make a ‚last supper of god‘. new world had some competetive prices of some vegies so i’ve just added some minced and serverd with potatoes. hmmm.

this is the very end of my traveling…probably..

Moje bezútěšná situace

  1. sedím před do tmy pokoje zářící krabicí z mě neznámého uhlovodíku a běhám prstama po jiné krabici, taktéž uhlovodíkové… směšné.
  2. do té tmy toho pokoje chrastivě vyhrává z malých repráčků balkánská dechovka, a to úchvatná romská píse�?, libozvučně slující „Ederlezi“…překrásné.
  3. před chvílí jsem vypočítala celých 5 ( slovy pět!) matematických příkladů a dokonce vím, co v nich šlo! Šlo o „n„! …neuvěřitelné.
  4. budu si muset dojít na záchod… nutné.
  5. přišel bratr… neočekávané.
  6. vyhodil mě od mé uhlovodíkové bedny… očekávané.
  7. dobrou noc, milí krtci!… slušné. I když celé se to zdá být trochu… trapné.


Jedlo za včerajšok:





Včera večer som mala chuť najesť sa ale našťastie som to nejako prežila. Pustila som si telku a snažila som sa sústrediť na to čo dávajú a nie na jedlo. Niekedy mám pocit, ako keby som bola už úplne prepitá. Keď mi je na odpadnutie tak si dám nejakú malinovku, popri tom kávu počas celého dňa.  No a občas mám pocit, že to všetko asi vyzvraciam, tak som plná tekutín.  No ale keď zasa nepijem, tak mi je na odpadnutie alebo mi škvŕka v bruchu, čo je dosť blbé.

Mama sa ma včera pýtala, že či už nevečeriam, tak som jej povedala, že som nevečerala iba pre ten večer aby si zasa nezačala dačo namýšľať.

Ona chce totiž tiež schudnúť a mám pocit, že sa ma vypytuje  preto lebo vie, že mne sa to už raz, dva krát podarilo a chce odo mňa vedieť ako na to.

No keby jej poviem ako na to, tak si asi pomyslí, že nie som úplne v pohode. Veď to si predsa myslí veľa ´´normálnych´´ ľudí o nás.










Mala by som si už pomaly zháňať nejaké doučovanie na prijímačky na školu. Veľmi sa toho bojím a preto už teraz tak stresujem. No preto sa tak veľmi bojím lebo mi na tom fakt záleží a chcem sa tam dostať. Nechcem večne pracovať ako vychovávateľka za pár šupov – musím si spraviť výšku.

Och Bože ja to tak veľmi veľmi chcem, ale bojím sa toho , že čo ak na to nemám, čo ak to pokašlem a nedokončím ročník, nespravím skúšky a budem to musieť na x-tý krát dorábať, ak ma vôbec pustia na x-tú skúšku.

No zistila som že bez výšky sa žiť nedá, jednoducho to nejde, nikto takého človeka nezamestná – pokiaľ to nie ja čašník/kuchár a ak sa taký človek aj zamestná platovo je na tom biedne, asi ako ja.

Ale najhoršie na tom je, že ja som taká lenivá, no budem sa musieť nejako premôcť, lebo nechce sa mi celý život živoriť a frflať.

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